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JMS NAVAL ARCHITECTS ered the foremost designer of fast, coastal research vessels in the U.S.

The Company:

JMS Naval Architects is a specialty maritime engineer- ing ? rm providing naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying, and marine casualty response services to assist ship owners in the management of their ? eets. With a unique combination of high-end analytical engineering ex- pertise and practical deck plate experience, JMS delivers in- novative and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Recent highlights include a complete engineering and de- sign package for Weeks Marine and McNally Construction of Hamilton, Ontario to modify an existing deck barge and

The Case: allow it to be used as a submersible platform for construct-

Since 1988, JMC Naval Architects has provided en- ing concrete caissons. Also recently, JMS designed a 93-foot gineering services for barges, dry docks, and workboat research vessel VIRGINIA for the Virginia Institute of Ma- design – including vessel design package development; rine Science. The state-of-the-art research vessel offers enor- from concept to detail design, structure and systems de- mous capability in a small package that is also economical sign, and owner’s rep services. JMS is also widely consid- to build and operate.

The Case:


MGBW is continuously recognized worldwide for its high-quality work and unique vision to become a zero-

BOAT WORKS, LLC emissions boatyard—something it is not far from achiev- ing. From having a solar-powered boatbuilding facility to operating a ? eet of electric vehicles and equipment,

MGBW is truly a leader in the maritime industry.

The Company:

MGBW is an award-winning, eco-friendly full-service boat repair and new construction company occupying over 25 acres of land and water across two facilities on the San

Diego Bay and a third facility in Cabo. Featuring one of the largest travelifts in the U.S., MGBW specializes in re- ? ts, repairs and new construction of vessels up to 220 feet long. MGBW specializes in the construction of steel and aluminum workboats, tugboats, barges, training vessels and patrol boats. Within its repair division, it has a team of 170+ tradespeople cross-trained in welding, pipe? tting, ship? tting, machining, mechanical and electrical work, propeller work, painting and ? berglass repair. On a routine basis, it hauls vessels up 665-tons to perform coast guard inspections, class surveys, preservation, refurbishments, re-

Todd Roberts, ? ts, engine repowers, structural reinforcements and hull

President extensions. 63 MN

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