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The Case:


Environmental regulatory compliance in the maritime industry is becoming increasingly more dif? cult as the implementation of the new emission standards and ballast water treatment enforcement becomes imminent. Ship- owners, overwhelmed with the mountain of regulations, use NETSCo’s highly skilled team of engineers to address these complex environmental issues.

The Company:

Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc. (NETSCo) was formed in 1984 to provide engineering, design and con- sulting services to the maritime industry. Today, NETSCo electrical inspections along with structural assessments is one of the most respected engineering ? rms in the Unit- for aging vessels or life extensions analysis. In addition, ed States, providing a wide range of naval architecture and NETSCo can conduct surveys or marine forensic engineer- marine engineering services in support of vessel design, ing services for pre-acquisition or accident investigations. construction, conversion, modi? cation, operation sup- NETSCo has written many application and installations port and FEA analysis. This includes detailed structural guides, operation and technical speci? cations, and manu- and mechanical system design, cargo securing and load- als for vessel operators. Currently, the NETSCo team is ing/unloading analysis as well as regulatory evaluation in working on more than 30 BWMS engineering projects in support of class and ? ag/port state requirements. NETS- varying stages of completion. NETSCo has strong work-

Co goes beyond typical ship projects by providing naval ing relationships with Alfa Laval, Ecochlor, Optimarin, architecture and marine engineering to marine terminals DeNora and Hyde Marine as well as managing BWM and facilities. Technical support and project management installation projects with other treatment manufacturers. is provided by NETSCo through the design, construction Also, NETSCo has been working on a transit and em- and all the life cycle phases of both new and refurbished barkation study of the American Waterways for a major vessels. The team identi? es and solves technical problems cruise line operator. This study has comprised of water that support the design of a system, component or process depth, air drafts and locks and dams transit analysis to appropriate to marine engineering operations. NETSCo assist with the design of the cruise ship and embarkment conducts safety audits or provide hull mechanical and strategies for ports within the cruise route.


The Case: The company was established in 1949 by Bernhard Läm-

PANOLIN, a world leader in mle and is fully owned by the Lämmle family to this date. high performing environmen- PANOLIN is a full range lubricants supplier with its core tally acceptable lubricants, is competence in high performing environmentally consider- becoming the global standard ate lubricants (ECLs) since 1983 – 35 years of experience. for marine systems that require In 2018 PANOLIN has exported the high performance consistent, reliable performance ECLs to 54 countries. In industries such as construction, while being environmentally marine, dredging, oil and gas exploration and others, PA- friendly in the event of a spill. NOLIN is a statement for advanced technology, environ- mental responsibility and security – due to the 35 years of

The Company: experience with environmentally considerate high perfor-

PANOLIN America is the mance lubricants and 70 years of success in the lubricants

USA based subsidiary of The PANOLIN Group. The PA- industry. PANOLIN America has signi? cant inventory

NOLIN Group is an independent family owned company around the USA including major hubs in Atlanta, Seattle with headquarters and production facility in Switzerland. and New Orleans. 67 MN

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