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Autonomous Workboats

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INLAND LOGISTICS “If you (the Corps) err on over or under- communicating, err on overcommunicating.

If you know you’re behind, let us know.” – Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director,

Soy Transportation Coalition

A Barge at Starved Rock. An average of 16 million tons of soybeans move through locks on the Illinois Waterway each year.

While much needed repairs are underway, Illinois farmers will need to navigate lock closures in 2019, 2020 and 2023.

Credit: Illinois Soybean Association getting all of the work, or at least most of it, done at once. • Marseilles, too, will close July 1 for 90 days for

The general thinking is that, yes, expect headaches next upper miter gate installation.

summer and fall but it’s better to get this over with rather • With the Waterway “closed” (the Corps’ word) than drag on for years. bulkhead work will start at Dresden Island and Brandon Road, requiring 14-day closures and 90-plus day partial closures; dates are not yet set.

Around the Next Bend • Peoria Lock will close for 60 days for routine

Work at Marseilles and Starved Rock, requiring full inspections and minor repairs; again, exact dates closure, runs from September 21 to October 5. There are are not set.

early lessons here already. One, the work was delayed from its original August start date because

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