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MTR 100 units can be operated by a single person, while interchange-

High-? delity maritime safety simulation able modules minimize ROV downtime, thereby reducing Virtual Marine develops high-? delity maritime safety repair costs. The majority of the company’s ROV compo- simulation systems for a number of sectors, including off- nents are manufactured in-house at its Montague, Prince Ed- shore oil & gas, maritime training, the military and naval ward Island premises. sectors, and coast guards. The company’s products include

MarineNav manufactures a number of ROV product types, lifeboat, navigation and ice management simulators, as well including its Oceanus Hybrid ROV System, the Oceanus as fast-response craft (FRC) simulators in desktop format

Hybrid Plus ROV System, the Oceanus Pro ROV System, with virtual reality training scenarios. Customized simula- and the Oceanus Pro Plus ROV System, each with its own tors using vessel-speci? c equipment for lifeboats and fast- particular features and operational advantages, plus a range rescue boats (FRBs) are also available. The company’s range of Oceanus ROV accessories. The Oceanus Ultimate ROV of simulation scenario software is designed to test operator

System will debut in the fall of this year. pro? ciency in a realistic manner while delivering safe and

MarineNav’s latest ROV product introductions are its repeatable training to quicken competency development. Its

Oceanus Pro and Oceanus Pro Plus ROV systems. These FRB simulators are custom-designed to match client boat units are rugged inspection-class ROVs capable of oper- controls, while simulation scenarios incorporate time of day ating to a maximum depth of 1,000 feet (305 meters) at a and a range of weather conditions in order to test operators’ maximum speed of six knots, making them highly suited for navigation and pilotage skills, with graduated levels of com- performing not only propeller, hull and wharf inspections plexity across a range of SAR, security and interdiction mis- but also for carrying out underwater search and recovery sions on offer, providing a realistic and veri? able medium missions. The low weight of the Oceanus Pro and Oceanus to execute safe and repeatable training on a virtual fast and

Pro Plus submersibles of 38.1 lbs (17.3 kg) means that the potentially dangerous craft to enable operators to develop units can be easily deployed by one person, while the stan- positive boat handling and navigation skills before engaging dard features of these units include an ROV housing made in on-the water operations.

of anodized aluminium and an ROV power tether. Optional Virtual Marine’s lifeboat simulators can be customized upgrades include wireless broadcasting in which the opera- to represent any model of lifeboat and include emergency tor can enable screen-sharing with other operatives and the evacuation scenarios speci? c to any offshore facility or train-

MarineNav Fleet Management Suite – this reports the status ing organization, Virtual Marine having simulated davit- and health of ROVs remotely to give full tracking of single launch and freefall/skid lifeboats from manufacturers such or multiple units. as Harding Safety, Norsafe, Survival Systems International

The Oceanus Pro Plus includes all the features of the Ocea- and Fassmer. The systems can be autonomous or instructor- nus Pro as well as the ? exibility to customize the system based depending on the user’s training objectives and are with a range of extra features and attachments, for example certi? ed by DNV-GL and recognized by the International the upgrade of the Topside Control Case to an 18.5-inch (47 Maritime Organization’s STCW and MODU Codes.

cm) widescreen version or a 24-inch (60 cm) TFT-active ma- The company’s Freefall Lifeboat Simulator on a motion trix LCD display. The Oceanus Pro Plus is equipped with bed is designed to generate the “gut-wrenching” experience

Full HD 1080P front and back cameras to enalble simultane- of a freefall launch for either a lifeboat coxswain or pas- ous viewing and an optional 4K external camera provides senger and offers an innovative medium in which to practice even greater functionality. pre-launch safety inspection checks, the proper sequence to safely execute a freefall launch procedure, and a variety of

Lightweight ROVs for marine inspections High-? delity maritime safety simulation

Photo Virtual Marine

Photo: Tom Mulligan

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