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DOER Marine

Alameda, Calif.

President/CEO: Liz Taylor

No. of Employees: Less than 25


In the past 12 months,


DOER has increasingly been engaged in discus-

Kiel, Germany sions around deep sea

President/CEO: Stefan Marx mining. While many millions have been spent

No. of Employees: 30 in development and build of very large ROVs for breaking up and lift-

SubCtech provides ocean technol- ing nodules and mineral ogy in two domains: rechargeable Li- deposits on the sea bed,

Ion subsea batteries and environmental very little has been done monitoring systems. With 30 years of ex- by way of documenting perience, SubCtech – a privately owned and discretely sampling

SME from Germany – has established these remote environ- its position among leading manufactur- ments prior to mining. ers of ocean and subsea technologies for

Working with the Uni- industry and science, while still keeping versity of Hawaii, and its original company philosophy: “inno- the Lu’lukai ROV that vative, ? exible and tailored solutions are

DOER built to their the key to success in the ? eld of ocean speci? cations, DOER technology.” supported a seven-week expedition to the deep

Doer Marine

The Tech

CCZ to gather baseline

SubCtech’s portfolio comprises in- information about habi- novative products designed for marine tats, distribution of nodules and biodiversity. In addition, DOER built spe- and climate research, offshore oil & gas, cialized cameras for use on multiple sampling platforms to characterize sea environmental monitoring, aquaculture bed types prior to sampling activities. Plume monitoring studies were also and energy extraction. Together with undertaken to gauge duration in the water column. Return trips are planned customers, the SubCtech team is tasked for 2019 and 2020.

to develop optimal solutions in all proj- ect phases. Our products are made ac-

The Tech cording to the highest industry level,

The science class ROVs built by DOER are compact yet can carry out a up to IPC-A-600/610 class 3 and hold variety of work tasks from geological/biological sampling to moving/posi- multiple industrial certi? cates such as tioning instruments around ocean observing systems. Typical depth rating is

ISO 13628-6 or API17f and MIL-STD 6500m but shallower systems have been produced as well per client speci- 810G. SubCtech cooperates with inter- ? cation. Deep water accessories include manipulators, pan/tilt, compensa- national universities and institutes to tors, lasers, thrusters, valve packs, camera housings, suction tools, and other keep up with the current state of scientif- ancillary devices that can be used both on our ROVs and other platforms. A ic knowledge and research. In addition, novel sampling “drawer” allows collection and transport of multiple speci- it has an internal R&D department to be mens. Because DOER systems can operate from standard UNOLS oceano- able to offer state-of-the-art customized graphic cable, these systems can be used across different research vessels solutions.

bringing added value at a time when science budgets continue to be limited.

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