Baker Named President Of WATERCOM

watercom named

Richard A. Baker has been named president of Waterway Communications System, Inc. by its board of directors. Mr. Baker's appointment as president and chief executive officer of WATERCOM was effective April 1, 1986.

Waterway Communications System, Inc., Jeffersonville, Ind., is responsible for the development of WATERCOM, an new direct-dial telephone service for the marine industry. Mr. Baker has directed the WATERCOM project since joining the firm in 1982 as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Under his leadership, WATERCOM has become a reality for the inland waterways.

WATERCOM is a direct-dial telephone network providing the marine industry with improved telecommunications. The network serves 4,000 miles of inland waterways with high-quality, automated telephone service from land to vessel, vessel to land, and vessel to vessel. Service extends to the Mississippi, Ohio and Illinois River and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterways with incidental coverage extending to tributaries of the waterways and offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. WATERCOM is an advanced river communications system. It provides important data services and voice privacy conducive to efficient business operations. Vessels can become computerized "mobile offices." Data services include VIS (Vessel Information Service), Vessel Location Service, Memo Service and Data Link Service. VIS and Vessel Location Service are built into the WATERCOM system requiring no additional onboard equipment. WATERCOM service will be available in mid-1986. For further information on WATERCOM, the new advanced river communications system,

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