Bethlehem Licenses DLI For Vibration Measurement And Analysis System

Bethlehem International Engineering Corporation BIEC, a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, has signed a licensing agreement with DLI Engineering Corporation of Bainbridge Island, Wash., providing DLI with the technology for a Bethlehem-developed vibration measurement and analysis system. The system, known as Computerized Vibration Analysis (CVA), permits the monitoring of critical rotating machinery as a means of predicting possible breakdowns. It can also be used to evaluate new equipment, eliminating costly interruptions in startup programs.

Licenses for the technology were first offered by BIEC in January this year. To date, the company has licensed seven firms in the U.S. and abroad for the use of the CVA technology. The system consists of a lightweight, portable, battery-operated data collection unit and an automated, desktop graphics computer system that uses Bethlehem-developed software programs. These programs develop a "vibration signature" for each of a piece of machinery's three axes—horizontal, vertical, and axial. In addition, trend plots may be produced for balance, alignment, overall vibration, and the condition of bearings, gears, and blades.

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