Acurex Introduces 'AutoNet'—Its Latest Portable Software System

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—Literature Available— The Autodata Division of Acurex Corporation recently introduced its latest software system—AutoNet. Designed to work with PCs and Acurex's AutoFamily line of products, AutoNet provides a cost-effective means of gathering, organizing and displaying data from a variety of electronic sources. The Auto- Family product line consists of the AutoGraph data recorder, the Auto- Calc low-cost data logger and the AutoLink intelligent front-end. Upto- the-second measurements from every unit within a complex production network can be directed to a single video screen where you can monitor alarm conditions, print data reports and graphically view current and historical operation. AutoNet is portable and operates on a variety of computers that utilize the 8088, 80186, 80286, and 80386 processors. Additionally, PC DOS application software such as Lotus 1-2-3, word processing and database management programs may run concurrently under an optional operating system emulation package without interrupting the data acquisition process. AutoNet is menu-driven with each function in the main menu being accomplished by a "help" screen accessed at the touch of a key. AutoNet is ideally suited for most industrial applications, including manufacturing environments, electric and water utilities and chemical, food and pharmaceutical plants.

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