American Marine Completes Refurbishment Of Bulk Cement Carrier

American Marine Corporation of New Orleans, La., recently completed the enlargement and modernization of a self-unloading bulk cement carrier for Lehigh Portland Cement Company of Allentown, Pa.

The refurbishment included cutting the vessel in half while on drydock, translating the two sections apart and installing a prefabricated midbody section lengthening the vessel to a total length of 282 feet. The existing cargo deck was completely cut off, removed, sent to the shipyard's fabrication shop, structurally reinforced and raised 3 feet.

The retrofit increased the cargo capacity 46 percent to 3,800 tons.

According to Peter Durant, American Marine Corporation's president, the midbody module was designed, prefabricated and ready for installation prior to the vessel's arrival which enabled a fast delivery and quick turnaround for the barge's normal northeastern area of operation.

Additionally, a screw-type conveyor with pneumatic air slides was installed to enable the vessel to selfunload. For free literature giving full details on the facilities and capabilities of American Marine Corporation,

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