Schottel Offers Free Color Brochure On Its 'Rudderpropeller,' And Units For Shallow-Draft Propulsion

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Schottel, a leader in propulsion technology, has published a 20- page, full-color brochure on the propulsion units marketed by the company. The Schottel Rudderpropeller, the heart of the system, is a combined propulsion and steering unit.

The engine power is transmitted through bevel gear sets to the propeller. In addition, the propeller can be rotated through 360 degrees to provide steering, so that full thrust is available in any direction. This system has been used worldwide for more than 35 years, providing maximum maneuverability with full power for ahead and astern. The units currently available range from 15 kw to 5,000 kw (20 hp to 7,000 hp).

Schottel Rudderpropellers are in service for main propulsion, propulsion assistance and dynamic positioning in all fields of shipping.

A joint venture of Schottel and Lips United B.V. was founded in 1981 for the marketing of large thrusters for oceangoing vessels. This company, in The Hague, is named Schottel-Lips B.V. Schottel- Lips thrusters are constructed of standard components, such as upper and lower gearbox, stem section and steering gear, to suit a customer's specific requirements.

The heart of the system—the Rudderpropeller—may be fitted steerable or non-steerable, retractable or nonretractable, for vertical or horizontal drive and with fixed or controllable pitch propellers. To meet the increasing demand of shallow-draft propulsion units for navigation on rivers and canals, normally not navigable, special jet propulsion units have been developed.

The units are capable of operating at low drafts with full thrust and optimum efficiency.

The following jet propulsion systems are available: Schottel Cone- Jets, developed as a main drive or as a bow maneuvering aid for extremely shallow-draft vessels; Schottel Pump-Jets, in which the propeller is replaced by a specially designed pump wheel with optimized efficiency; and Schottel Bow-Jets which work with a horizontal propeller sucking water from below.

The Schottel Rudderpropeller is detailed in a free 20-page color brochure. The publication contains more than two dozen photographs of the system and other Schottel products. For your copy,

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