Gems Offers 24-Page Catalog Featuring Continuous Liquid Level Indicating Systems

Featuring an expanded line of liquid level indicating systems, the new Gems 24-page catalog includes complete technical details on transmitters, transducers, indicators and accessories. All designed for direct operating, continuous indication.

The liquid level transmitters and transducers incorporate a float and stem arrangement. As the float moves with the liquid, it magnetically closes a series of reed switches housed in the stem and provides a varying output signal. Accuracies to ± 'A inch over the entire length of the unit are possible. Units range from a few inches to 6 feet. Longer units are available for exceptionally deep tanks.

A line of visual indicators called SureSites are described. They replace cloudy, leakage prone and breakable sightglasses with an enclosed housing and highly visible flags.

In addition, Dipstick indicators are featured. These manually operated self-contained units provide liquid level indication quickly and conveniently in storage drums, vats and tanks.

To complete these systems, a selection of meter receivers ranging from analog to digital, locally to remote mounted, are included. The transmitters and transducers described in the new catalog are intrinsically safe for hazardous areas when properly connected to a Gems Zener Barrier.

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