ODECO Wins 1986 NOIA Safety In Seas Award

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Ocean Drilling and Exploration Company (ODECO) has received the 1986 NOIA Safety in Seas Award for its Advanced Stability and Ballast Control Facility. The announcement was made by W.

Herbert Hunt, National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) chairman, and managing partner of Penrod Drilling Company.

ODECO president Hugh J. Kelly accepted the NOIA safety award, sponsored by Compass Publications, during NOIA's 14th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in April.

The ODECO Advanced Stability and Ballast Control Facility, located at its corporate headquarters in New Orleans, employs a computerdriven tilt-deck simulator to teach and demonstrate the principles of Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) stability, and to teach and test offshore personnel in damage control and emergency procedures. Since ODECO's training program began in 1984, a total of 135 masters, barge engineers, control room operators, and others have completed the program. ODECO also is the principal sponsor of a ballast control simulator to be used by the Aberdeen Technical College in Scotland in providing rig stability training for offshore personnel working for all of the companies operating in the North Sea.

"The Safety in Seas Award underscores the commitment of the ocean industries to make the offshore workplace as safe as we possibly can," Mr Hunt said. "With its state-of-the-art ballast control simulator and the attendant training program, ODECO has shown us one more wav to reach our common safety goal."" ODECO was unanimously selected from 18 nominations. Entries were evaluated on four criteria: Innovativeness, significant safety achievement, demonstrable results, and applicability to other companies. Serving on the selection committee were: Gerald R. Daniels, Chief of the Lease Exploration Branch, Minerals Management Service, U.S. Department of the Interior; Brian T. Petty, Manager of Government Affairs, International Association of Drilling Contractors; O.J. Shirley, Manager, Exploration and Production Public Affairs, Shell Oil Company; and William P. DuBose IV, NOIA Environmental and Safety Coordinator. Russell F. Sammis, Managing Director of Marsh & McLennon, Inc. and Chairman of the NOIA Safety Issues Subcommittee, presented the award to Mr. Kelly.

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