Si-Tex Offers Budget Radiotelephone; Reintroduces EZ-7 Loran-C Receiver

Si-Tex, Clearwater, Fla., recently introduced the budget-priced 950 VHF/FM radiotelephone and reintroduced, by popular demand, the EZ-7 fisherman's Loran.

The 950 VHF/FM radiotelephone transmits on 49 channels and receives on 59, including nine weather channels. Electronic up-down controls offer convenient fingertip channel selection.

The 950 also features automatic all-channel scanning at the rate of two channels per second and a hold time of four seconds on active channels. Other features include: channel 16 priority, touch-key HI/LOW (25/ 1W) power selection and output for additional speaker.

Brought back by popular demand, the Si-Tex EZ-7 fisherman's Loran lets the customer cruise bigwater with confidence or return directly to a favorite fishing hotspot anytime.

The instant-position memory of the EZ-7 can fix your present position and store it in memory. When you want to go back to that hotspot later, simply recall the position from memory and return to it by the most direct course from your present location. You can go back today, tomorrow, next week, next year, and you can do it day or night, in any kind of weather. The EZ-7 also gets you home again when you're ready. Up to nine locations can be stored indefinitely or changed as desired. The instant-position memory can also be quite valuable in emergency situations such as a man overboard. Four notch filters eliminate most local interference to maximize the quality of Loran signal received. Microprocessor circuitry of the EZ-7 gives precise digital readouts of position in time differences (TDs) or latitude and longitude coordinates. Touch a few keys and a builtin course computer steers you straight to your destination with three simultaneous displays of course navigation data. Data includes cross track error, time to go, bearing to steer, vessel's heading, distance to go, speed, velocity made good (VMG) and course made good (CMG). An arrival alarm sounds within one-half mile of your destination. For more information and free literature on the Si-Tex 950 VHF/FM radiotelephone, For further information and free literature on the EZ-7 Loran-C receiver recently reintroduced by Si- Tex,

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