SeaWave Aims to Drive Down Communication Costs

SeaWave provides mariners with reliable, low-cost Internet e-mail and standard priced NOAA color weather charts and NOAA text weather forecasts. The company has positioned itself as an alternative to satellite providing reliable links at a low cost.

The company has been very active, in March announcing the release of SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1, a low-cost, user-friendly communications solution, providing Internet e-mail, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) color weather charts, NOAA text weather forecasts, and other communication services to professional mariners.

SeaWave Navigator's Microsoft Windowsbased, point-and-click software is easy to use and designed for computer users at all experience levels. Each member of a vessel's crew and passengers can be given an individual account with administrator assigned permissions, allowing administrators to track usage and budget communications spending. By streamlining functions, SeaWave Navigator reduces vessel administration to a minimum. Compatible with most computers and operating systems, SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1 features: • True Internet E-mail • NOAA Weather Information • Individual User • Address Book Functionality • Microsoft Windows-Based, Point-and- Click Software • Advanced Signal Processing "SeaWave Navigator 1.1 takes full advantage of recent improvements in back-end technology and robust programming code. Combined with a clean graphical user interface and the utilization of Microsoft Windows conventions, Sea- Wave Navigator is an exceptional product for marine communications," said Mark Witsaman, vice president of technology and development, SeaWave LLC.

Transmission charges are billed in data increments, at a rate of $0.30 per first kilobit and $0,075 per quarter KB thereafter. The SeaWave Communications System is $1495.00 and includes: the SeaWave Digital Communications Modem and SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1; Installation and User Manual; and required cables. The one-time activation fee is $275.00 (US).

SeaWave Navigator is the software component of SeaWave's marine communications system, which utilizes high frequency (HF) radio technology to securely transmit digital data to vessels at sea.

In April, the company completed its SeaWave Communications Station. Located in Rhode Island, the station features multiple antenna arrays that provide worldwide coverage and notably improved service for SeaWave customers.

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