First I n t e r n a t i o n a l Conference On Ice Technology Held At M IT

The First International Conference on Ice Technology (ITC 86) was held on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 10-12 this year. The conference was preceded and followed by Tutorials on June 9 and June 13. On the morning of June 9, the session was presented by Dr. A.M. Vinogradov of the University of Calgary on Computational Methods in Ice Mechanics, with two separate lectures on (1) Constitutive Modeling of Ice, and (2) Computational Methods in the Deformation Analysis of Floating Ice Sheets. During the afternoon session, Peter G. Noble of the Marine Technology Corporation, Houston, presented two lectures on Model Testing and Instrumentation Techniques.

The conference was opened by Rear Adm. Robert L. Johanson, commander of the First Coast Guard District, Boston, who was introduced by Prof. Francis T. Ogilvie, head of the Department of Ocean Enginneering at MIT.

This was followed by a Keynote Address by Dr. George Ashton, a scientist from the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories, on Perspectives in Ice Technology.

The plenary sessions then began, with opening remarks by Dr. Carlos A. Brebbia, chairman of the Computational Mechanics Institute, the sponsoring organization of ITC 86. He also took the opportunity to present a plaque to Prof. J.J. Connor of the Department of Civil Engineering at MIT in recognition of contributions to advances in engineering mechanics.

A total of 44 papers were presented during the three-day meeting by authors from 10 countries.

The technical sessions were devoted to properties of ice, ice modeling, ice experiments and field tests, vessels in ice, structures in ice, navigation in ice, ice management, and transportation. At a film evening on June 10, delegates were able to participate in a narrated video presentation by Prof. Douglas Tolderlund of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, dealing with the operation of USCG Polar Class icebreakers in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. There was also a short movie presented by Prof. Per Tryde of the Technical University of Denmark on the NIMBUS 7 multi- channel microwave radiometer image of the formation of ice in the East Greenland current (1978-79). The latter part of the final day was devoted to a Panel Session on Arctic LNG—Present Position and Future Prospects. Arthur G.

Berndt of Energy Transportation Corporation, New York, acted as moderator. Short techno-economic presentations were given by R.D. Golf of Sohio Petroleum Company on Technical and Economic Trends in Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration in the Arctic; by J.K.S. Loh of Gulf Canada Resources, Calgary, on Arctic LNG Production; and by R.

Dick of Melville Shipping Ltd. on Transportation of Arctic LNG. This session was followed by a lively question and answer period.

The conference was closed by Dr. T.K.S. Murthy, consultant to the Computational Mechanics Institute, who was responsible for the organization of the conference from the initiation of arrangements in March 1984 to its conclusion.

Guest speaker at the banquet held June 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge was Capt. Joseph Wubbold, chief of ice operations in the U.S. Coast Guard.

The post-conference tutorial on June 13 was devoted to Vessels and Structures in Ice, with lectures by Arno Keinonen of AKAC Inc. in Calgary, and Prof. Ben C. Gerwick of the University of California at Berkeley.

Proceedings of the Conference are available in hard-cover binding from Computational Mechanics Publications, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, S04 2AA, England; price is $150 per copy.

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