TBT-Free A n t i f o u l i n g Range From International Paint Gets Enthusiastic Response

International Paint (USA) recently launched its new TBT-free antifouling BRA 500 series, a coating that has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the U.S. market. This was quickly followed by the introduction of International TBT-free copolymer antifouling BQA200 series throughout the rest of the world.

According to the manufacturer, the response to these new antifoulings by shipowners in the U.S. and Europe was immediate, and highly encouraging.

For example, in the USA, where legislation restricting the use of TBT-containing antifoulings is most severe, nearly 100 merchant vessels and over 60 naval ships have been coated with Interclene BRA 500.

This month marks the implementation of the USA Senate's "Organotin Antifouling Paint Control Act" (OAPCA). OAPCA provides that unless an antifouling is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency by December 15 and meets its regulations as regards the release rate of TBT in the coating, the manufacture, sales and distribution of that antifouling is prohibited in the USA.

International Paint's Interclene BRA 500 series offers shipowners excellent antifouling performance without the use of TBT and is registered with the EPA.

International Paint has always been a leader in marine coatings development and the recent success of its new TBT-free series is an example of the company's commitment to developing new products to help shipowners maintain the balance between performance costs and the ever-changing environmental pressures. For further information and free literature on International Paint's TBT-free antifouling range,

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